The new QUATTRO.ZERO aluminium cabinet mirrors with built-in LEDs as the main bathroom features, using invisible technology to clearly define a new concept of practicality and capacity, without sacrificing essentiality and purity of design. The elegance and warmth of the wood interiors, the convenience of electrical and USB outlets, internal lighting and fittings with lights and make-up unit all make QUATTRO.ZERO cabinet mirrors the new benchmark on the market. Mirrors are available in white and matt grey finishes as well as in brushed stainless steel finish. The internal panel and shelves are available in oak, burned walnut, or matt grey finishes.

Available sizes:
cm 60 x 16 x h 65 / 75 - cm 80 x 16 x h 65 / 75
cm 100 x 16 x h 65 / 75 - cm 120 x 16 x h 65 / 75
cm 140 x 16 x h 65 / 75

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