Victor Vasilev

Neverending quest for formal and material purity.

Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Design as functional balance and iconicity.

Andrea Federici

An elegant and functional distinctive feature characterized by a very high technical know-how


The absolute attention to details: Italian talent, British aptitude.

Michael Schmidt

The meeting between imagination and quality of implementation.

Simone Bonanni & Attila Veress

Creative vision expounded upon excellent executive precision.

Lucia Carlomagno

The encounter of uniqueness in suggestion and aesthetic experience.

Gaudio + Venezia

An aesthetic that does not hide, A new way of interpreting.

Naghi Habib

When the highest aesthetic sense meets the rational use.

Salvatore Indriolo

Attention to details goes through simplicity of style.

Ludovico Lombardi

The ability of articulating complexity through elegance of feature.

Lorenzo Mariotti

Balance between aesthetics, user experience and design constraints.

Paola Navone

Inspiration from the world: classic shapes and ethnic taste echoes.

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