Bathroom Design Revolution: An Interview with
Mike Holland and James White of Foster + Partners

The Birth of the MA Project and Collaboration with Falper for a New Collection of Bathroom Furnishings.

Foster + Partners, one of the world’s most prestigious architectural firms based in London, has recently unveiled their latest creation in interior design: the MA collection of bathroom furnishings. In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design at Foster + Partners, and James White, Senior Partner of the firm, to uncover the secrets and challenges behind this innovative collaboration with Falper, an Italian company specializing in bathroom furnishings.

The MA project was born out of Foster + Partners’s constant quest for cutting-edge solutions in bathroom design. The main goal was to create a collection of furnishings that were functional, aesthetically appealing, and capable of seamlessly integrating into various architectural contexts. To bring this vision to life, Foster + Partners chose to combine their expertise with that of Falper, a renowned Italian company with extensive experience in the field.

The MA collection stands out for its clean, contemporary, and elegant design. The furnishings were crafted using high-quality materials such as solid wood and marble, and great attention was paid to the details, from the finishes to the opening and closing mechanisms. Furthermore, Foster + Partners and Falper integrated advanced technological solutions to offer an optimal user experience, harmoniously combining aesthetics and functionality.

During the development of the project, one of the main challenges faced by the team was finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The goal was to create furnishings that were not only visually appealing but also practical and suitable for everyday use. Additionally, Foster + Partners and Falper placed a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, utilizing recyclable materials and energy-efficient solutions to minimize their impact on the environment.

The collaboration with Falper was a key element in the success of the MA project. Through the synergy between the two companies and the combination of their expertise, it was possible to translate Foster + Partners’s vision into an extraordinary collection of bathroom furnishings. Falper’s extensive experience in the bathroom sector helped overcome production challenges and achieve exceptional results.

Looking to the future, Foster + Partners and Falper expect to continue innovating in bathroom design and exploring new possibilities to offer even more advanced and exclusive solutions. The MA collection is just the beginning of their journey to transform the bathroom space into a realm of elegance and functionality.

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