Handcrafted in Italy

Falper’s reputation is built on careful selection and impeccable craftsmanship of top-quality materials, resulting in products of extraordinary excellence. Falper’s range of raw materials includes precious marbles, curved wood, lacquered surfaces, glass, concrete, and the revolutionary material, Cristalplant. The choice of these materials is not random but the result of targeted research aimed at ensuring the highest durability, aesthetics, and functionality in the final products.


Lacquered finishes are handcrafted on E1/Carb2 MDF panels, using water-based paints on a polyester base suitable for humid environments. For glossy lacquers, the process involves multiple layers of direct lacquering.


Wood finishes are achieved through a mixed water-based painting process on birch plywood panels, veneered in oak and walnut, with AW 100 bonding suitable for humid environments.


Impeccable in its uniqueness, with natural asymmetry and irregular roughness, marble possesses extraordinary individuality—a blend of design, colors, and textures that tell a millennial story.

The undeniable final quality of Falper products is evident in every piece, showcasing exceptional durability and timeless beauty. The use of durable materials like marble and precious wood guarantees longevity beyond current trends. Furthermore, the material Cristalplant, known for its extreme versatility and hygiene, offers cutting-edge design solutions perfect for contemporary needs.

Meticulous care in material selection and craftsmanship is Falper’s hallmark. This attention to detail is reflected in the final products, transforming the bathroom into a space of luxury, comfort, and functionality. With Falper, you can be certain of investing in high-quality products that enrich everyday life through top-class Italian design.


Glass tops and glass tops with integrated sinks are made from extra-clear safety glass, using a thermoforming, detensioning, and cold painting process with water-based paints.


Concrete artifacts are produced using natural materials, following a completely artisanal and ecological production cycle. The concrete is manually mixed and poured into molds, then left to mature and is finished on the surface.


Cristalplant® Bio Active is the first eco-sustainable solid surface, derived from resinous raw materials of plant origin mixed with extremely pure inert minerals. It can be recycled, belongs to Class 1, and possesses important and certified virucidal and self-cleaning properties.


Steel elements are made of AISI 304 steel and are handcrafted with exceptional bending and welding. Finishes are applied using galvanic finishing, sanding, and manual painting procedures.


An innovative material, an ultra-matte laminate that combines contemporary aesthetics with superior performance. It is known for its exceptional scratch resistance and modern, sophisticated design.


Colored Cristalplant is durable, easy to clean, and offers endless creative possibilities. This material, derived from polyester and acrylic resins, offers a wide range of vibrant colors and a unique appearance.

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