Falper Events | Opening of Falper Studio Kriens

Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Kriens is known for its natural landscapes and lively cultural scene. Enchanted by this city’s charm, we are excited to announce the opening of our new Falper Studio in the Sanitas Troesch showroom in Grabenhofstrasse 2, 6010 Kriens – Lucerne.

In collaboration with Sanitas Troesch, the bathroom furnishings market leader in Switzerland, our new Studio joins the growing network of Falper retail points around the world.
Falper’s opening in Kriens is a much-anticipated event for both the local community and for enthusiasts of fine-quality bathroom furnishings and accessories.

The shop has a prime spot inside the Sanitas Troesch showroom, a renowned destination for clients seeking high-quality home design products. In addition to the exceptional selection of products, customers at the new Falper shop can expect outstanding service from competent, gracious staff, who are available to offer guidance and answer any questions, ensuring that customers find the perfect products to meet their needs and preferences.

You’ll be welcome at Falper Studio Kriens, a prestigious showcase for our finest selection of products from the luxury designer Living Bathroom™, an innovative, sophisticated, distinctive concept for a completely new bathroom experience.
The inauguration on May 11th celebrated the new staging with a delightful springtime party where guests had a first-hand look at the superior quality, artisanal craftsmanship and inviting luxury of every Falper bathroom space.

Discover Falper Studio Kriens – Lucerne, 200 sqm designed by the Falper retail team abiding by guidelines from artistic director Victor Vasilev, a sophisticated mix of materials and finishes that lend the space a minimalist, graphic-design look. Meticulous attention to every detail exemplifies the philosophy of our Living BathroomTM, an innovative, refined concept and a dynamic space dedicated to the brand that will inspire you to create your own bathroom oasis of style and elegance.

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