New Minimum H25 collection

Clean-lined, monolithic forms and exclusive, exceptional materials: the new collection by Victor Vasilev reflects on the expressive power of pure volumes, and the importance of proportions and the empty spaces that define relationships between objects in a space.

Minimum is a multi-faceted, modular, customizable collection made up of wall-mounted washbasins, freestanding shelves and cabinets, available in various sizes and modular combinations.

The washbasin and cabinet are designed in 25 or 36-cm heights. In the 25-cm-high version, Minimum allows significant personalization, while maintaining its essential spirit.

The 120-cm-wide washbasin is offered in ten types of marble as well as in cement, with eleven different colour choices.

The cabinet– modular and customisable with a width of up to 300 cm and a depth of 45 cm, and with a 45° edge all around – is presented in the catalogue in thirteen natural wood finishes and with more than twenty matte and glossy lacquer styles in the collection.

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