Small Living Kitchens™: Redefining luxury kitchen design in the heart of Berlin

In the center of Berlin, you can venture into Friedrichstrasse, one of the most exclusive streets in the German capital, combining shopping with a vibrant cultural scene. Enchanted by the charm of this neighborhood, we are thrilled to announce the presentation of Small Living Kitchens™ in the new setup of the Falper Store at Friedrichstrasse 115, 10117 Berlin.

Come and discover the brand-new Small Living Kitchens™ at the Falper Store Berlin, on the occasion of the grand opening event on July 22, 2023, celebrating the new showroom setup with a lively summer kickoff party. Guests of the evening will have the opportunity to admire the craftsmanship of the kitchen and bathroom: in this prestigious location in the heart of Mitte, considered the design district of Berlin, the latest Small Living Kitchens™ innovations and the main Living Bathrooms™ collections are showcased on an approximately 200 square meter space across multiple levels. Designed according to the stylistic guidelines dictated by Falper’s design office, the space respects the brand’s graphic look and essential aesthetics.

Falper introduces Small Living Kitchens™ in the German capital, an unprecedented, rational, convivial, and luxurious kitchen concept that boasts three patents, winner of the EDIDA 2023 award in the “Best Kitchen” category. The new kitchen line, designed in collaboration with the designer Andrea Federici, embraces the design, know-how, precious materials, excellent finishes, Made in Italy craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail that are characteristic of Falper. Alongside cutting-edge technologies, the production adopts a sustainable approach, with a focus on ecological certifications, where each product undergoes stringent quality controls.

Welcome to the Falper Store Berlin, a prestigious showcase for our presentation of Small Living Kitchens™, an innovative and refined concept for an unparalleled kitchen experience. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to embody our philosophy in a dynamic space. The Falper Store Berlin fully represents the brand’s style, also inspiring the setup of your Living Bathrooms™ for an oasis of style and elegance, capable of meeting the expectations of design professionals and enthusiasts, thanks to the expertise of a highly qualified staff.

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