Falper Store Frankfurt Inauguated

The Falper store in Frankfurt was inaugurated on 1st December 2022.
After Berlin, Paris and Milan, the time has also come for Frankfurt, the metropolis of European finance and cultural hub of Germany. The new Falper Store Frankfurt is on Reuterweg 93, one of the city centre’s main roads, a few metres away from the Frankfurt Opera House.

The store’s project, curated by the architect Victor Vasilev, is the utmost expression of essential design. The interior designed by Victor Vasilev conveys the brand’s sophisticated aesthetics. The interior concept exudes attention to details and Italian excellence by Falper, through dual volumes, large glass surfaces, luminous interiors, precious materials and artisan workmanship.  The Falper Living Bathroom™ presents the bathroom interior at the new store with an airy set-up characterised by understated contemporary aesthetics.

Original and convivial, Small Living Kitchensdesigned by Andrea Federici are premièred for Germany in a highly innovative concept, with the characteristics of large kitchens in spaces of unprecedented size, starting from 2.5 sqm, to satisfy the compact requirements of small prestigious apartments.

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