Cristalplant® Bio Active: new colours

The new Falper catalogs present new materials, like Cristalplant Bio Active, and brand-new colours now available.

All Falper catalog products made of Cristalplant®, a revolutionary superior-performance material, are available in the innovative Bio Active version, enhanced with important virucidal, anti-fungal and self-cleaning properties. Cristalplant® Bio Active comes in classic white and in a new range of sophisticated colours.

To offer the utmost freedom of customisation, the new Falper catalogs propose an expanded range of available finishes and colours: from neutral tones like Gravel, Clay and Argilla to bolder, more distinctive ones like Jaipur Red, Cookie and Curry.
The palette of new colours is obtained through a process drawn from the automotive industry that’s UNI- EN 14688:2018 certified for thermal shock and resistance to scratches and chemical substances.

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