Small Living Kitchens™ wins prize for best kitchen of the year

The 27 editions that make up Elle Décor’s international network of magazines have recognised Falper’s Small Living Kitchens™. The concept is the result of an in-depth understanding of contemporary living in compact spaces, applied without sacrificing quality and style.

The EDIDA 2023 prize was awarded to designer Andrea Federici, accompanied by Falper CEO Luca Fallavena, at an exclusive ceremony held in the Fontana room of the Museo del ‘900 in Piazza Duomo during Milano Design Week. Small Living Kitchens™ is a system Falper designed to appeal to a unique market niche: people who live in compact but upscale homes, potential clients with luxury-level disposable income who are looking for sophisticated objects that express their status.

The distinctive element: mini Islands, available in three standard sizes, 120/150/180 cm, that can be entirely created in various marble finishes, with walnut or stainless-stell drawers. Together with the system’s storage units, which hold appliances and storage spaces, the kitchens have been enhanced this year with tables that emerge from the sides of the Islands like natural appendages, as well as snack bars that seem to be suspended in mid-air like wings, thanks to a system of stainless-steel brackets hidden within the thickness of the surface. Among the other new features presented in Via Pontaccio 10 is a kitchen island that can be installed along a wall as well as freestanding.

The award won by Small Living Kitchens™ is a confirmation of success in meeting a challenge begun in 2018. The appreciation of experts in the sector and the international press demonstrates the uniqueness of Falper’s concept, which has made the kitchen into a status symbol for compact but very prestigious homes. Small Living Kitchens™, originating an experiment to lend dignity to small kitchens in previously unthinkable dimensions, enhanced by superior accessories, finishes and materials, are designed both for new ways of dwelling in high-density city centres and for exclusive holiday resort living.

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