Small dream kitchens – Rome edition

Time to reimagine how we relate to the space we have. Falper is evolving with the Small Living Kitchens™ concept – compact kitchens that revolutionise the kitchen experience in prestigious, sought-after smaller homes. Like a residence for discerning travellers, or an artist’s abode in the heart of Rome.

Falper’s pioneering approach and sophisticated design extends to a new part of the home, the kitchen. “Small Living Kitchens™ is a unique, innovative system for kitchens in small but prestigious apartments, available now for the first time. We’ve found a way to integrate our concept with the practical needs of a kitchen, maintaining Falper’s hallmark aesthetic, precision and luxury,” says Falper CEO Luca Fallavena, who originated the project together with designer Andrea Federici.

Relaxed elegance in a historic building in one the most enchanting of courtyards on Rome’s Via Margutta, the privileged address of artists. Silence and peace reign in the private court. A spiral staircase winds up to a terrace overlooking the Eternal City. The little flat has antique wood flooring and large windows facing a majestic tree. The kitchen, with just a few elements, an Island and a Storage Unit, is designed for just this sort of space; in fact, for spaces as small as 2.5 sq m. The Island holds the cooktop and sink, and the Storage Unit is a unique element, internally customisable and compatible with built-in appliances.

This renovated residence’s mix of Roman style and contemporary design is ideal for the cosmopolitan traveller. The kitchen Island is in Carrara marble, selected from the quarry’s finest exemplars. The monolith-like form is truly a sculptural object of timeless beauty, as well as a functional kitchen. Classic marble is a wonderfully apropos choice for the historic centre of Rome. Although offering the modern conveniences travellers demand, the flat has preserved some antique touches and maintained the refined atmosphere of the place.

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