Living Bathroom™ – video interview

The latest products for the Living Bathroom™ described in the words of Luca Fallavena (CEO, Falper) and designers Andrea Federici and Victor Vasilev, in a video interview that tells the story of the concept and gives a “behind-the-scenes” look at the new designs.

Along with Small Living Kitchens™, the company presented its latest products for the world of the Living Bathroom™. The guiding theme running through the collections is, in Luca Fallavena’s words, a “perfect balance between emotion, the possibilities of the bathroom as a true living space, and functionality”.

This led to the creation of products like Minimum, designed by Victor Vasilev, and Butler, designed by Andrea Federici: aesthetically refined, elegant, clean-lined objects for the bathroom.

Watch the video interview with key players in the development of the latest products and discover them through their stories.

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