Falper Studio Bruxelles – Interview with Caroline Van Marcke and Thierry Geers

A few weeks on from the launch of the new Falper Studio in Bruxelles, the brand talks about its partnership with Van Marcke through an interview with its CEO, Caroline Van Marcke, and Chief Product & Supply Officer, Thierry Geers.

Falper’s new Bruxelles Studio confirms and enhances the brand’s partnership with Van Marcke, a Belgian and Luxembourgian leader in the bathroom furniture sector.

The space devoted to Falper covers a surface area of 100 sq.m, entirely occupying the impressive window display of Van Marcke’s Bruxelles showroom. The set-up, designed by Falper’s style office, was conceived to align with the brand’s aesthetic, the characteristics of the location and market, and the partner’s specific requirements.

“Falper deserves a space of its own, so we decided to open a Falper Studio in a showcase where everyone can see it”
Caroline Van Marcke

Falper Studios are shop-in-shop set-ups and window displays devoted to the brand, with spacious display areas in our dealers’ stores. Somewhere to see and touch collections with your own hands in a new way of experiencing bathroom interiors.

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