Company Ethos

Living Bathroom is the concept that underpins the Falper philosophy. The idea of the bathroom as a sort of imaginary extension of the living interior. A space which, just like the rest of the home, reflects our character, our ambitions, our tastes.
The bathroom represents an intimate and personal space, a moment in which we dedicate ourselves to our well-being. The concept of Living Bathroom amplifies this idea, turning the bathroom into an interior for living. Falper transcends the canonical concept of well-being, interpreting it not just as care for oneself, but also as a search for beauty that benefits the soul. A beauty perceived through the gaze, but also through touch and smell, in recognition of the authenticity of materials and the excellence of finishings: the smell and warmth of real wood, the velvety effect of quarried and polished marble, the delicateness of a perfect 45° edge.


Carpentry is the starting point in the production of furnishings and accessories. Alongside machinery and cutting-edge technology – nesting in finishing, milling, boring and edging – the hands of our experts have been working for years, creating every single detail with the utmost curation.

Sanding and painting

The profound knowledge of wood held by Falper artisans manifests itself above all in the step in which materials are finished. Lacquering and wood finishes are directly applied in several coats, according to a precise and complex application and drying process.


The last phase, assembly, is where furnishings take shape. The addition of drawers, hinges, shelves and accessories defines the three dimensionality of the object. All parts, even the most hidden ones, like hinges, stabilisers and synchronisers for the opening of drawers, exude superior quality. Each element converges to reiterate the refinement of a Falper product.

Innovation and design

Continuous aesthetic and formal research, combined with technological and artisan know-how, have turned Falper into a reference point for luxury furnishings for bathroom interiors. The company’s ethos, curation of the smallest of details and its original yet essential style are interpreted thanks to internationally acclaimed designers and young creative professionals. The result is a catalogue containing nothing but innovative and iconic products, all featuring minimal lines. The company has received extensive recognition over the years, including the Design Plus Award ISH and the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Washbasins and tubs

Solid surface washbasins and tubs by Falper are developed from constant aesthetic research and tireless innovation in the field of materials and finishings. At the company’s premises, over 1000 sqm are dedicated to the storage and finishing of these products, which then undergo continuous qualitative testing.


An essential element that completes the Living Bathroom by Falper, mirrors tie in with other furnishing accessories, sharing their stylistic essence and high qualitative standards. Available with or without lighting and in cabinet versions, each mirror is designed with back structures that guarantee planar and perfect image reflection.

Taps and Fittings

Far removed from excessive mannerisms, taps by Falper use the precision of the most refined mechanical processing and aisi 316L stainless steel. Innovative design combined with the use of the most evolved components and unbeatable composition possibilities: the tap becomes an integrated element of bathroom interior architecture, elevating the function of control and conduction of water into a veritable art.

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