Less is the new More

Water is a precious, essential, daily commodity. This is why it is important to preserve it, avoiding waste and excesses and consuming less of it, because in this ‘Less is the new more’. Replacing your bathroom taps with a model of the latest generation, for example, allows you to avoid wasting 30 liters of water a day.

All Falper taps comply to what is required by the legislation. In fact, the Cilindro and Acquifero collections can be provided with a water flow rate limited to 6 liters for washbasin and bidet units and 9 liters for showers. Moreover, in both collections one can find progressive mixers. These mixers are capable of a 90 degrees rotation: in the first 15 one can adjust the water flow from minimum to maximum, while in the following 75 degrees one can mix the temperature from cold to hot. In this way, each time one turns on the water, which is automatically adjusted to an optimal level, it is not required by the system to produce hot water unless it is really necessary.

Falper’s attention to sustainability – in particular to the issue of water saving – can also be found in our production process. We produce our taps, entirely in stainless steel, by simple turning from solid and do not require further galvanic treatments, such as chromium or nickel plating. All this contributes to a longer duration, as well as to a significantly different environmental impact and use of water.

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