MA – The new bathroom collection by Foster+Partners

MA is a unique new collection that combines handcraftsmanship and fine woodworking details with an innovative spirit of design.

The name of the new line of bath furnishings designed by Foster + Partners – MA – takes inspiration from Japanese culture and the concept of “space between,” an idea that emphasises achieving a harmonious balance between objects and the space between them in all forms of art.
The London team led by Mike Holland, Senior Partner and Head of Industrial Design at Foster + Partners, along with Falper CEO Luca Fallavena, presented the world premiere of the new collection’s prototypes during Milano Design Week 2023, an important first milestone.

The primary elements of the new MA line – washbasins, cabinets, taps, mirrors – interconnected by slim stainless-steel water spouts, distil the sophisticated essence of a bathroom, in a perfect balance between refined details and minimalist volumes. The delicate yet highly functional spouts adapt to multiple uses, like supporting an illuminated mirror, or as hooks for robes and towels.

The solid wood drawers evoke handcraftsmanship with fine woodworking details while expressing an innovative spirit of design. The drawers feature a focus on practicality, with internal spaces that can be customized based on personal preference, and they can be front- or side-mounted. Washbasins in marble or Cristalplant® Bio Active express sophisticated, minimalist elegance.

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