ISH 2023 – Falper Store Frankfurt

Falper Store Frankfurt during ISH 2023  – Join us to discover the best in design.
The store, designed by architect Victor Vasilev, embodies the brand’s philosophy and minimalist aesthetic. It’s a unique space where visitors can discover all the features of the Living Bathroom, the Eccentrico and Minimum collections and the Small Living Kitchens, which offer all the advantages of large kitchens in surprisingly compact spaces starting from just 2.5 sqm.

Falper’s Living Bathroom reimagines the bathroom environment with a highly innovative, sophisticated, distinctive product. Original and convivial, Small Living Kitchens appeal to potential customers with luxury-level disposable income who seek sophisticated objects that express their status.

Falper Store Frankfurt, in Reuterweg 93, is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

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