Cristalplant® Bio Active tops with built-in basins

The new Falper catalogs, one devoted to furniture and one to accessories, introduce a series of product and material innovations.

Cristalplant® tops with built-in basins are complemented by brand-new models and new materials and colourings. The Arc, Oval, Round Soft, Flat Soft, Radius, Shape, and Pure collections are now joined by the new Radius 50 and Radius 60.

Cristalplant®, a revolutionary high-performance material, is available from Falper in the innovative Bio Active option, enhanced with important antiviral, antifungal and self-cleaning properties. Cristalplant® Bio Active is available in the classic white version and a brand-new, sophisticated colour palette.

All Falper tops with built-in basins are available in infinite sizes and configurations, both countertop and wall-mounted.

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