Small Living Kitchens | Latest new elements: Snack – Table – Wall Island

Small Living Kitchens™ are a sort of sophisticated puzzle made up of very simple elements that construct working and living zones. Voted Best Kitchen design at the EDIDA 2023 awards, Small Living Kitchens™ are designed for a clientele with extremely refined tastes living in small but high-end spaces.

New, functional, indispensable elements have been added to the kitchens: tables and snack bars in composite wood. The tables seem to emerge from the sides of the Islands like natural appendages, and come in wood with the range of finishes in the Falper catalog. These lateral table tops can be designed in widths varying from 60 to 180 cm, and are 60 cm deep.

The snack bars are quite different – visually light and aerodynamic, they seem suspended in mid-air thanks to a system of stainless-steel brackets hidden within the thickness of their surface. The wood snack bars are available in the range of Falper finishes, and in the three widths of the kitchen Islands – 60 cm, 120cm, 180 cm- with a depth of just 40 cm.

The special functionality of the new system designed by Andrea Federici allows all islands in the Falper kitchen system to be positioned along walls. With a junction element, parts in solid walnut and a 4-mm-thick stainless-steel backsplash, the system lets Small Living Kitchens™ adapt to walls in extremely versatile ways. The stainless-steel module for wall positioning can be ordered for all three kitchen Island models, and in all sizes.

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