Small Living Kitchens: The Winning Idea for Open Spaces

It’s almost always a matter of space, but most of the time, the kitchen of your dreams brings together multiple functions without sacrificing aesthetics. The Small Living Kitchens project, a result of the collaboration between Falper’s Research and Development sector and designer Andrea Federici, arose from a specific need: to combine the functional, aesthetic, and high-quality features typical of Falper with the constraints of small but luxurious apartments.

There are kitchens with a unique character, and among them are the Small Living Kitchens, from which one can draw endless inspiration to furnish precious small residences, transforming the living area.

By placing the island at the center, one can fully enjoy the living space of the house, celebrating the pleasure of cooking, fine wines, and the joy of entertaining, all while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated style. There’s no better time than the present to plan your kitchen with the new Small Living Kitchens concept, which has been awarded the prestigious “Elle Decor International Design Award” for the best kitchen of 2023 at this year’s Milan Design Week.

Falper’s renowned know-how and refined design have been extended to essential elements, such as tables and snack counters, crafted in various composite wood finishes. The tables seem to emerge from the sides of the islands as natural extensions, while the snack counters are suspended in space, thanks to a concealed stainless steel bracket system. Furthermore, the newly introduced wall-adjacent positioning system has been meticulously designed to achieve seamless stylistic and functional integration.

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