Bathrooms: furnishing and decorating with marble

Widely used and prized since antiquity, marble is a natural stone that lends luminance and splendour to a space.

The eternal elegance and refined minimalism of marble makes it the material that best epitomises the Falper Living Bathroom™ philosophy.

From the timeless classicism of Carrara marble to the sophisticated, contemporary twist of Verde Saint Denis: with the vast catalog of marbles available for Falper products, you can mix materials and finishes to create a personalised bathroom space.

The purest expression of the Living Bathroom™ philosophy in marble is the Minimum collection, designed by Victor Vasilev. 

Polyhedric, modular and personalisable, Minimum is made up of wall-mounted washbasins, freestanding shelves and storage cabinet units with pure, clean lines for a minimalist space.

For those seeking sophisticated décor that makes a real statement and creates an iconic bathroom space, the Eccentrico collection is a true declaration of style. The washbasin stands, storage cabinets, and countertop and freestanding washbasins designed by Victor Vasilev are totemic, rational pieces.

Last but not least, the sinuous, rounded forms of the Ciotola collection are the perfect choice for warm, comforting bathroom spaces. Designed by Metrica, the collection’s freestanding washbasins are available in oval and circular versions – all-round elegance, whichever you choose.

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