Cristalplant® Bio Active

Distinctive design, uncompromising quality and a continuous pursuit of excellence: these are the elements that have always set Falper apart.

The company, specializing in the production of superior-quality bathroom furnishings and décor, is pleased to announce an important step forward in terms of sustainability and innovation: all of the products in the catalogue will be available in the pioneering material Cristalplant® Bio Active.

Falper was one of the first companies to utilize the innovative Cristalplant® Biobased, the first eco-sustainable solid-surface material. This material is made mainly of high-purity aluminum trihydrate mineral fillers bound with plant-based resins, and is known for its beautiful appearance similar to that of natural stone, as well as its elegant, “soft touch” effect.

In the new Bio Active version, the aesthetic and the technology of Cristalplant® are enhanced with important virucidal, anti-fungal and self-cleaning properties, thanks to a new, titanium dioxide-based formulation.
The compound’s photolytic property means it activates a chemical reaction which leads to the destruction of bacteria and viruses deposited on surfaces, including Covid-19, by means of simple exposure to natural or artificial light. Moreover, titanium dioxide does not degrade, but maintains long-term antibacterial and virucidal effect, in addition to disinfection properties more efficacious than those obtained with chlorine and ozone. The UocmV test report confirms: “the culture test shows thatCristalplant® Bio Active surfaces demonstrated virucidal activity with regard to SARS-CoV-2 after 30- and 60-minute contact times.”

Cristalplant® Bio Active is conceived both for home environments and contract projects. In fact, this material’s properties and certifications make it perfect for use in bathrooms for the hospitality sector and in public spaces, as it gives guests and customers the reassuring guarantee of surfaces that are safe and sanitized around the clock.

Falper washbasins and bathtubs in Cristalplant® Bio Active, in addition to offering the virucidal, anti-fungal and self-cleaning properties of the new formulation, have all the certifications of Cristalplant® Biobased, including the Gold Certificate Green Guard from LEED® (the U.S. energy-efficiency and ecological footprint classification system); they are also resistant to the yellowing effects of light, as well as to scratching and breakage, and are easily restored.

Particular attention is paid to sustainability: Cristalplant® Bio Active has organic origins, with ULvolatile substance emissions certification, is completely recyclable, hypoallergenic and nontoxic.

To underscore the unique performance characteristics of this material, Falper has chosen to offer a 5-year guarantee on all of its Cristalplant® products.

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