Dream bathrooms – Mallorca edition

Some houses have architectural designs or settings that make them unique. On Mallorca, historic homes are often converted into luxury abodes for the illustrious guests who choose to come to this delightful place. In the heyday of high society, Ranieri and Grace of Monaco, Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas vacationed on Mallorca, and the Spanish royal family still has a summer residence in Palma.

A dream bathroom draws inspiration from a home’s setting, with a bathtub placed near a large window to take advantage of a view of the Mediterranean in all its splendour. Neutral colours mirror the soft tones of the sandstone rocks, harmonising with the clean white of the washbasin. The bathroom becomes a work of art with the Fontana washbasin, a cylindrical column that lends and element of strength and purity. Made from antibacterial Cristalplant Biobased, the Fontana washbasin is both durable and sustainable.

Mallorca, the largest and lushest of the Balearic Islands, has been a Mediterranean hub for over two-thousand years. A who’s who of the ancient world landed on its coasts: Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, pirates and Moors. The Arabs brought orange, almond and apricot trees in addition to Moorish architecture in the form of baths and mosques, later supplanted by Gothic churches, castles and colonial houses. During the summer the population doubles, drawn by the golden beaches and crystal-clear sea, the numerous golf courses, classical music festivals, contemporary art exhibitions and vibrant nightlife.

To rival the glitz of Ibiza and Formentera, Mallorca updated its look, with trendy shops, new eco-sustainable hotels, creative-cuisine dining spots and clubs showcasing famous DJs, continuing the island’s long tradition as a melting pot of styles and cultures. More elegant and just a bit more snobbish than the other islands, Mallorca seems to prefer country estates nestled amid vineyards and olive groves to cities, as well as the minimalist villas overlooking the sea that are favoured by the international jet-set: here, the focus is on the unique beauty of the landscape.

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