Falper Care

Falper Care is an additional and exclusive service compared to the warranty offered by Falper to its official retailers and, through them, to end customers. It aims to enhance the customer experience by providing advanced assistance beyond the standard warranty conditions. This service is designed to offer a streamlined solution when damage or issues encountered do not fall within the terms of the conventional warranty.

End customers who purchase the Falper Care service benefit from a discounted cost for the replacement component or product in the event of damage not covered by the warranty.

Exclusive Service

Falper Care represents a significant commitment by Falper to ensure a high-value experience for the customer.

Precious Products

Unique objects, characterized by an iconic and essential design, artisanal finishes and superior quality.

Dealer network

The customer can always rely on an extensive sales network of flagship stores or shop-in-shops in the heart of the most beautiful neighborhoods of major cities.

Protect your purchases with
the new Falper Care service.

Zero worries throughout the warranty period.
Discover how FalperCare service provides advanced
assistance beyond standard warranty conditions.

What can you protect?

Falper Care represents a unique and excellent service, designed to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to both official Falper retailers and their end customers. The benefit can be applied to one or more items included in the order protected by Falper Care, in a single solution.

Bathroom furniture

All bathroom furniture by Falper are the perfect fusion of functionality, aesthetics and modern design.

Storage furniture

A system of wall-mounted cabinet units designed for storing your most precious objects.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Sculptural and precious elements, for an uncompromising Living Bathroom.


Featuring a minimalist design, veritable furnishing elements. Products with a strong personality, signed by international designers.


The construction know-how of Falper furniture combined with the most evolved LED lighting technologies.


The complete collections of Acquifero and Cilindro taps, with a strong graphic leitmotif, which exudes an essential and original attitude.


An essential design, character and exclusivity: the most precious marble and stainless-steel for a monolithic effect thanks to seamless bonding, making side joints invisible.

Storage and Tall Units

A unique element, finished on all sides and a streamlined composition system in the design to create a real wall system.


Indispensable and functional elements such as tables and snack bars, in composite wood.

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