Design Andrea Federici

    Island with top and sides in 4-mm-thick stainless steel, available in 150 cm and 180 cm widths. Front panels with lateral extensions come in the wood finishes and glossy and matte lacquers from the catalog. Available in versions with cooktop and sink, cooktop only or sink only. The top can be fitted for a gas or induction cooktop.

    Small Living Kitchens™ offer all of the features of large luxury kitchens in configurations as small as 2.5 sqm; they are showpieces that flow effortlessly into sophisticated living areas. Islands, Storage Units and Tall Units are composed to create a complete “luxury kitchen experience” in incredibly compact spaces.

    Falper furnishings are the work of expert craftsmen who see to every single detail with the greatest care, using cutting-edge equipment for nesting-based machining, milling, boring and edging.
    Dream kitchens designed for prestigious small dwellings: conviviality, design, high technological standards, materials, sophisticated finishes and uncompromising quality.

    The solid walnut Blum Legrabox drawers with integrated stabilizers and soft-close mechanisms are completely removable, and can also be enhanced with accessories designed by Falper to optimally organise spaces.

    Small Living Kitchens™ are made of particularly fine AISI 304 stainless steel. Just 4mm thick, the steel is seamlessly welded, so the top and side joints are invisible. Excellent craftsmanship, innovative technologies and Falper’s extensive expertise make it possible to install steel sinks, welded burners, and flush-mounted or countertop cooktops directly onto the top.

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