Design Andrea Federici

    Island with 4-mm-thick stainless-steel top and sides, available in 120 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm widths. Front panels come in the wood finishes and glossy and matte lacquers, as well as stainless steel finishes, in the catalog. Available in versions with cooktop and sink, cooktop only or sink only. The top can be fitted for a gas or induction cooktop.

    Falper furnishings are the work of expert craftsmen who see to every single detail with the greatest care. The solid walnut Blum Legrabox drawers with integrated stabilizers and soft-close mechanisms are completely removable, and can also be enhanced with accessories designed by Falper to optimally organise spaces.

    In compositions that combine Islands and Storage Units, Small Living Kitchens™ offer a complete kitchen in a space as small as 2.5 sqm. The conviviality, feeling, design and functions of a large luxury kitchen in a totally new dimension, with the highest degree of modularity and personalisation thanks to a diverse range of sizes, variants, materials and finishes.

    The new line of kitchens boasts fine design, exceptional finishes and bespoke-level attention to detail. Alongside the most cutting-edge machinery and technologies is a highly artisanal approach, with assembly and fitting carried out entirely by hand. Every product goes through stringent checks and inspections by our quality department.

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