Countertop Basins

    Countertop basins by Falper feature a minimalist design and are veritable furnishing elements. Made using the most innovative technologies and materials, like Cristalplant® Bio Active, and exquisite ones like marble, each washbasin undergoes stringent qualitative testing, guaranteeing excellent production and aesthetic standards. All Falper Cristalplant® Bio Active products come with a special 5-year warranty.

    The use of cutting edge technologies has enabled the creation of edges with a thickness of just 4mm, like in the Ciotola collection, one of the thinnest solid surface washbasins in the world. The technical know-how and artisan skill of Falper have enabled the same ultra thin thickness both in the Cristalplant® Bio Active and exquisite marble versions.

    Automotive derived certified colours for Falper washbasins are obtained using a UNI- EN 14688:2018 certified process for thermal shock, resistance to scuffing and chemical substances.

    All Falper washbasins can be completed with catalogue listed fittings, designed to guarantee excellent performance.

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