Design Foster+Partners

The new collection of bathroom furnishings designed by Foster+Partners is a perfect fusion of functionality, aesthetics and modern design. The freestanding and wall-mounted cabinets offer elegant, practical solutions for the bathroom, available in Falper’s range of wood and lacquer finishes.

The clean lines and sinuous shapes of the freestanding cabinets lend a sense of lightness and harmony. Top-quality materials include the finest woods for cabinets and marble or Cristalplant for washbasins. Built-in drawers offer ample space to keep things tidy in the bathroom, holding towels, personal care products and other essential items.

Water moves through an adaptable system of stainless-steel spouts that are virtual works of art, lending character to the bathroom while serving multiple functions, as supports for a lighted mirror or hooks for robes and towels.

The wall-mounted cabinets have a distinctive minimalist design and a capacity to optimize space. Suspended on the wall, they create a floating visual effect, lending lightness and modernity to the room.

Ergonomic design enables functional everyday use. Countertops like capacious trays and easy-to-clean surfaces help to create a stress-free, practical space for your daily routine.

Washbasins are 80 cm wide and 45 cm deep, and come in single basin form or with a lateral shelf to hold objects as well as taps. A wide range of materials and finishes are available, in marble as well as white or coloured Cristalplant Bio Active.

The collection of bathroom furnishings by Foster+Partners stands out in terms of attention to detail and new technologies. For example, built-in LED lighting can be incorporated in drawers, creating a relaxing atmosphere with soft light in the bathroom. Materials are carefully selected to guarantee durability, resistance to humidity and easy cleaning.

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