Fittings for single hole countertop basin mixer H7cm

Bathroom fittings Aisi 316L stainless steel set with mixer and single hole outlet for countertop basin. Mixer height 7cm.

Design Victor Vasilev
The contents of this file provide an overview of the range of available sizes and finishings. Download the PDF of finishings or contact our retailers to discover our complete offering.

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cm 7
Product Characteristics

Bathroom fittings set with mixer and single hole spout for countertop basin. Mixer and single hole spout h7cm for countertop basin:
– Brushed, or white, or black matt painted Aisi 316L stainless steel spouts
– Brushed, or white, or black matt painted Aisi 316L stainless steel control
– Wall and top mounted control with hydroprogressive mixer, with traditional mixer and with hot / cold ceramic screwdown
– Aisi 316L / brass built-in fittings with distance adjustment system with wall mounted control
– Optional wall mounted nut Ø 63 upon request
– Built-in fittings included
– Falper tap fittings come with a 10 year warranty, limited to 3 years for internal parts and finishings.

Care and maintenance

Titanium finish stainless steel: Use normal neutral type and delicate detergents for household cleaning to be applied with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, taking care not to rub against the satin-finish grain if present. Rinse with warm water and dry with a non-abrasive dry cloth. Do not use any acid detergent, solvent or aggressive substance. Especially avoid using products for cleaning stainless steel (like Sidol or Smac) because their characteristic function of removing chromium oxide from the surface of untreated glossy steel would remove the oxide that generates the titanium surface finish effect.


10-year warranty

Aisi 316L stainless steel

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