Design Andrea Federici

    Small Living Kitchens™ are like a sophisticated game, with very simple elements used to construct working and living areas. Indispensable, functional new elements have now been added: tables and snack bars, in composite wood. The tables seem to emerge from the sides of the Islands like natural appendages, while the snack bars appear suspended in mid-air thanks to a system of stainless-steel brackets hidden within the thickness of their surface.

    Island Model 3, entirely in marble, lightened with honeycomb inserts. Lateral table available in wood in various Falper finishes. Lateral tables are available in widths from 60 to 180 cm, and are 60 cm deep.

    Small Living Kitchens™, designed for kitchens in prestigious, small homes, have extended their sophisticated features to include functional elements like lateral tables, in composite wood with Falper’s various finishes.

    Island Model 2 with top and sides in 4-mm-thick stainless steel, width 180cm. Frontal snack bar available in wood with various Falper finishes. Snack bars come in the three available Island widths and are 40 cm deep.

    A detail of the suspended snack bar, with edges in solid wood and built-in stainless-steel brackets.
    The design is by Andrea Federici, with particular attention to stylistic and functional refinements.

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