Testo email autorizzazione librerie CAD

You have requested the CAD libraries attached to our marketing department and therefore expressly accepted all the indications that govern their use, shown below:

1) The CAD material made available is the exclusive property of FALPER S.r.l., which grants its use to the applicant without any exclusivity and under the following conditions.

2) The use is authorized only for the inclusion of CAD libraries in projects or renderings, provided that they do not also entail the possibility of direct online sales of the products.

2b) The publication of rendered images generated by the CAD Falper libraries without the Falper logo and / or quotation of the Falper Brand, will result in immediate notice for the removal of the same and any reprinting of what has been done, except for the quantification of the greater damage.

3) The publication or reproduction in any way of the CAD libraries must always be accompanied or in any case associated with the FALPER brand and with the express specification, in a specific caption, that the CAD library refers to one or more products or product lines FALPER.

4) The use is limited to the duration of the commercial relationship with the applicant; upon its termination, for whatever reason, or following a specific and unquestionable request by FALPER, the applicant himself must immediately cease any form of use of the CAD libraries, removing them from the WEB sites and / or from the catalogs in which they have been reproduced.

5) It is expressly forbidden to use any single file to copy the products in whole or in part, as well as make changes of any kind to the CAD libraries; it is also forbidden to assign or grant use to third parties, for any reason and / or for any reason.

6) The use of CAD libraries for the conduct of promotional or advertising campaigns is expressly prohibited, unless specifically authorized in writing by FALPER, conditional on prior approval of how the advertising campaign is carried out by its marketing department.

7) In any case, the applicant will be the only person liable towards third parties, for any damage that may arise from the use of the CAD libraries, expressly undertaking to release FALPER from any claim or claim for compensation made by third parties.

Falper Srl will process the personal data submitted in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 regarding the protection of personal data. The data processing will be carried out using computerized means in accordance with the minimum security requirements for purposes relating to statistical and market research, as well as for marketing and promotional events. In accordance with the same Law, the user will have the right to object to the processing of the data itself at any time, as well as to obtain the deletion or modification of the data at no charge. The data controller is Falper Srl, no. 7-9 Via Veneto, 40064 Ozzano Emilia, Bologna (Italy): info@falper.it

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