Freestanding Bath Tubs

    Solid surface bath tubs by Falper are developed from constant aesthetic research and tireless innovation in the field of materials and finishings. The company’s solid know-how, coupled with its essential stylistic character, are masterfully interpreted in the creation of bath tubs, by designers like Metrica and Michael Schmidt, and young creative professionals like Simone Bonanni & Attila Veress, Lucia Carlomagno and Dario Gaudio + Vittorio Venezia.

    The purity of white and essential design can be completed and embellished thanks to Falper fittings and unique accessories, characterised by original finishings.

    The use of cutting-edge recyclable and sustainable materials, like Cristalplant® Bio Active, guarantees high standards of resistance to thermal shock, scuffs and chemical substances. The sheer skill in crafting these materials also makes the creation of different three-dimensional effects and finishings possible on surfaces. All Falper Cristalplant® Bio Active products come with a special 5-year warranty.

    The ability of interpreting the creative ideas of designers, using technologies and experience, has also culminated in tubs with ultra thin edges and integrated accessories.

    Falper interprets the bathroom interior as an extension of the living area. In this sense, the bath tub becomes an emblem of the ‘Living Bathroom’ and transforms into a masterful centre-of-room, also thanks to accessories like wooden open compartments, benches and cushions.

    The body of the Cristalplant® Bio Active tub can be embellished on the outside with original finishings, like Corten, which faithfully reproduces the aesthetic effects of material with the addition of a special transparent protective and highly resistant coating.

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