Design Andrea Federici

    The Storage Unit is a unique single element, finished on all sides and inside, with an interior configurable in eleven different functional models. Made of plywood or MDF con continuous wood grain pattern veneers, 22mm thickness and 45° edges, it’s available in the wood finishes and glossy and matte lacquers in the catalog.

    Designed with the same stylistic elements as the rest of the collection, the accessories allow personalisation of Islands and Storage Units. Exclusive materials, handcrafted details and minimalist design combine to create extraordinarily refined objects to keep everything in its place and within easy reach.

    The doors, with 45° edges, are suitable for built-in refrigerators, with load-bearing hinges and a vertical pocket handle. Inside the open compartments and pantry compartments, bilateral internal LED lighting also acts as a courtesy light.

    The shelves and glass doors are made with matte black aluminium frames and dark grey glass. The Storage Units are compatible with standard-size built-in appliances, completing the kitchen’s storage elements.

    Available in eleven different configurations, the Storage Unit has a patented design and 45° opening system: a sophisticated, elegant object that’s essential for a refined, prestigious kitchen or living space.

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